Friday, 14 April 2017

Fabulous spring time!

Boy we are busy this month, I'm working over the easter weekend to enable me to catch up a bit. But just had to grab my camera and capture this wonderful moment in my own garden this morning.

Here are a mix of tulips including Tulipa Brown Sugar, Tulipa Merlot and Fritallaria Lutea and Euphorbia 'FireGlow'.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Greencube designs garden for grade 2 listed Barn

We love a challenge and here we were faced with a blank canvas and an awful modern brick wall that spoilt the beauty of this wonderful building in Leigh in Kent.

The Barn should be celebrated as it truly is a building of amazing beauty, history and period architecture.

This is our second design in Leigh, a very pretty, picturesque village near to Tonbridge.

Context was important here, I wanted to be sympathetic to the property and reverted to kent ragstone for the retaining wall, our local stone, creating a large terrace with surrounding planting, softening the hardscapes. The front of the barn (seen below) which originally had just gravel is now seated and softened within its landscape with a chunky oak (painted black) framed border, planted with vibrant Acers, Penstemon, Alliums and Buxus.

Gemma @ greencube maintains this garden on a monthly basis, keeping it looking great.

This is year 1, I'll return next spring and summer to get some more images.

Setting out for planting

The reason I plant Geranium, it does this!

Nice cantilevered umbrella over the main terrace

Mixing my favourite Hydrangea with grasses

Rosa 'Kent' also features in this garden

Mixing Pennisetum with Anemone 'Wild Swan'

Mixing Helenium with Miscanthus

The blank canvas from which we developed the design.

Planning - greencube
Design - greencube
Hard Landscapes - Langdale Landscapes
Planting - greencube
Maintenance - greencube 

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Garden Designs en masse......... keeping us busy in 2017

We are very busy as always, booking lots of work into our 2017 calendar.

We are attempting to establish ourselves in North Norfolk. We have approached the NGS (National Garden Scheme) to hopefully open our small Norfolk garden to the public just for a day. Share our passion with like-minded gardeners. We have teamed up with a small landscaping company and are ready to take on projects.

We are also entering 2 gardens into the Society of Garden Designers competition this year. Every year I attend the awards ceremony in London, rubbing shoulders with all associated in our wonderful industry and question why I don't find time to submit some of our wonderful creations.

We have some challenging projects and are currently working in the following areas:
a medium sized garden in Westerham
a large garden in Sevenoaks
a very large garden for a new build in Farnborough
huge garden in Birling
a tiny garden in Bexley
moroccan themed garden in Chelsea, London

We have lots of gardens being built currently, 2 in Sevenoaks, 1 to be built soon in Kings Hill and a family garden starting soon in Greenwich, we are booked to plant up a newly built garden in Chelsfield in March and the final phase of a large garden in Trottiscliffe to be completed, looking forward to seeing  all of our newly planted gardens this spring.

All exciting stuff.

So here's our Bexley design.

We always use 'sketchup pro' to create the 3d designs to help our clients understand our vision as well as getting the landscapers up to speed on our ideas, delivery and vision.

I'll take a back seat this week and put on my marketing hat - update our website, all those new gardens photographed last year that we are so proud of but haven't uploaded as yet as we have been so busy.

Here's to a great 2017.

Here's a photo of the space currently: a blank canvas in our Bexley garden with existing boundary walls awaiting some greencube magic.

Friday, 3 February 2017

See greencube in new book VERTICAL GARDENS

Our Gold winning RHS garden is featured in a newly released book:

Vertical gardens compiled by Leigh Clapp and Hattie Klotz.

I have been reading it over the last week, great book, full of wonderful ideas, informative, inspiring and a good resource, well done Leigh and Hattie. Good luck with the sales.

greencube copyright 2017

Thank you for all your generous donations

There were quite a few clients, designers, landscapers, developers and suppliers who sponsored our 10k run in Hyde Park last Sunday raising funds for The Alexandra Sales Trust. Many thanks to you all, we beat out best times and raised over £1800.

Friday, 13 January 2017

Escape the grey of the UK take a short flight to Morocco and indulge....

As a designer refreshing my mind and exposing my soul to vibrant colours, different cultures, patterns, textures and light helps to inspire and cultivate new ideas for my projects.

Exposing the mind to different experiences is a wonderful thing...

this is my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

and so I packed myself off to Morocco on Boxing day after cooking for 13 wonderful guests on Christmas Eve and my gorgeous family on Christmas Day.

Feeling a little worn out, a bit grey, a bit tired out from planting 5 gardens this autumn, a bit bogged down with lots of new design projects lined up and in need of some vitamin D and some inspiration.

I also needed to escape the january sales, rubbish tv and too many calorie loaded chocolates.

Am I feeling SAD
(Seasonal affective disorder), I think so....

It just so happens we are also designing a Moroccan themed garden in Chelsea for a swedish client and so what better time to escape the grey of the UK, the cold and dark nights and visit a wonderful third world country that is vibrant, exciting,warm and refreshing, 'I love morocco'

and so here's my inspiration, a palette of vibrancy collected on my travels, I'm now feeling revitalised and ready for our Greencube new year:

We (my husband Mike and me) spent 4 days in the foothills of the magnificent Atlas Mountains, staying at The Capaldi, a big thank you to Tara and Edward and their wonderful team. Go visit, you will not be disappointed.

We walked in the most landscape changing scenery through Berber villages, deserts and pine forests, birdwatching and relaxing, before 2 days of research and garden visiting in Marrakech:

the rich colours in the soil are seen in the materials, objects and building colours

Our first garden visit was to the Secret Garden, La Jardin Secret in the walled medina in the centre of Marrakesh.

Spiky Aloe striata planted and contrasting with fluffy Deschampsia

ground covering Bulbine frutescens

amazing craftsmanship

lavandula planted with Stipa en masse

painted panels and doors

the rill leads your eye down to the vibrant painted building at the far end, the secret garden in the centre of the medina in marrakech a gem of a garden that we visited twice, second time for a second look but also just to escape the madness of the mopeds, the fumes and the crazy vibrant city. Designed by Tom Stuart-Smith my hero.

hand painted tiles sold in the souks

we then moved onto the Yves Saint Laurent Garden, Jardin Majorelle

what a queue but worth it, filled with exotic planting and vibrant colours, azure blue, yellows and orange

am I over-using the word vibrant, I can't help it.

we then moved onto the Bahia Palace

The last stop was the Mamounia Hotel, wow what an amazing garden, filthy rich in contrast with its surroundings.

But what captivated my heart was the natural beauty of the landscape, I have left the best 'til last, enjoy, this is my second trip to Morocco and very special.

I love morocco x